HydroSeal Flex is a next generation
product that utilizes a flexible and
stretchable film to provide exceptional
patient comfort and greater ease of use
optimizing patient outcomes. The
stretchable, flexible film allows full range
of motion while preventing leakage.

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HydroSeal Flex utilizes a Hybrid size
7”x9”. For proper application use the 9”
side for the vertical axis and 7” side for
the horizontal axis.

Latex and DEHP Free

FDA Registered

ISO 13485:2003
Standards Certification

Made in the USA

Available in a 7”x9” “Hybrid Size”,  This is an important component in the design. Many times clinicians opt to use a larger size (ie 9’X9”) shower barrier for PICC sites in an effort to provide coverage above the PICC insertion site. This can present an issue for some patients as the film may “overwrap” around the arm and adhere to the other side of the film.


HydroSeal Flex is PATENT PENDING