2G Medical was founded in 2013 by Warren Wallis, and are the proud developers of a line of protection products designed to prevent infections and improve patient outcomes.

The original HydroSeal Shower Protection Barrier provides a waterproof seal to prevent a vascular access device or dressing from getting wet during showering.
HydroSeal includes the innovative “Performance Tab System” engineered to allow clinicians to access the release paper, leading to a faster and easier application!
To learn more about CDC Guidelines, Brochure information, Ordering, Directions for use, and Areas of Application, click on the following “HydroSeal” link.

2G Medical’s latest product is the HydroSeal Flex, which offers everything the original HydroSeal provides instead with a flexible material allowing you to move without any restriction.

ProNet is a tubular gauze product that is packaged as three (3) precut 8” pieces per pouch. ProNet is designed to protect PICC lines and peripheral lines preventing accidental dislodgement or movement of a catheter. Patients enjoy the increased comfort and security.

Our products are “Made in the USA” at an FDA approved ISO 13485 facility