The “next generation” Shower Protection Barrier

Our goal here at 2G Medical, LLC is infection prevention and optimum patient outcomes. For this reason our founder Warren Wallis has developed cutting edge products for maximum patient results.

HydroSeal is the “next generation” Shower Protection Barrier featuring an innovative “Performance Enhanced Tab System”. This engineered technology generates pre-tabbed release paper. Please contact us for samples and a trial evaluation!

Where to use HydroSeal?

Hospitals, Long Term Care Facilities, Nursing
Homes, Nurses, PCT’s (Personal Care
Technicians), at home caregivers, patients
(self application)

When to use HydroSeal?

HydroSeal should be used when showering or sponge
bathing. HydroSeal should not be submerged.

What does HydroSeal do?

HydroSeal Shower Protection Barrier was developed by Warren
Wallis, President & CEO of 2G Medical, LLC. HydroSeal is a latex
free and non-DEHP impermeable moisture barrier that protects
vascular access sites, surgical incisions, and dressings against
waterborne bacteria during showering or sponge bathing. This
includes PICC Lines, Chemo Ports, Surgical Sites, Stomas, Dialysis,
Hickman Catheters and many other applications.

Where to use HydroSeal?

HydroSeal is a waterproof barrier used to cover and
protect any vascular access device, dressing, or surgical
incision site during showering or sponge bathing.

Why is HydroSeal better?

HydroSeal includes our “Performance Enhanced Tab System”
an innovative engineered design feature that creates a pre-
tabbed release paper. We have also chosen to not print any
text on the film that can easily impair a nurse’s ability to see
the catheter insertion site or wound area. HydroSeal is also
very cost effective and “Made in the USA”. HydroSeal uses the
most popular provider of medical grade components.


“Our nursing team recently started using HydroSeal and has been very impressed. We were using another brand and converted to this product based on their innovative “Performance Enhanced Tab System” which makes the application process much easier for the patient. The transition to this product was seamless!

HydroSeal Shower Protection Barrier is an important part of our product formulary targeting optimum patient care and our continuous dedication to infection prevention.

I would highly recommend this product to protect the catheter insertion site and dressings during showering.”

- Melissa

“Thank you so much for your kindness in sending samples of your HydroSeal Shower Protection Barrier. We have been using HydroSeal and have found it to be easier to apply to my father’s site when compared to others in the marketplace.”

- Linda T.
Santa Monica, CA